'Deadpool' Ready: Cast, Plot, Details, Everything You Need To Know About It

11:16 PM EST 1/20/2016 by Rhea Pruto, Celebeat Reporter

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If there is any indication of how ready to be released "Deadpool" is, it is the fact that some fans were surprised and amazed at a special, full-length screening of the movie. Here is a roundup of everything a fan needs to know about the hotly anticipated movie. 

It's 'Amazing'

Fans still need to wait nearly a month to see "Deadpool," but a few lucky ones in New York and Los Angeles were treated to some surprise screenings of the film. Fans unknowingly went to earlier-announced fan appreciation events held in the two cities on Monday only to get the surprise of their lives. Fans thought that the separate events, held at the Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas in New York and AMC Century City15 in LA, were just going to offer them a sneak peek and exclusive first-look footage of the movie, as announced in the Eventbrite pages. Once they took their respective seats and the movie started, it did not end until the whole movie was shown. Fans cannot be any more surprised, elated and wowed. 

Though it was announced that they will have a chance to meet some special guests, fans did not know the extent of the surprise they will be getting. Turned out the "surprise guests" were actually "Deadpool" himself, Ryan Reynolds; Stan Lee; TJ Miller; director Tim Miller; and Deadpool creator Rob Liefield. Attendees were beyond thrilled. The reaction to the movie was overwhelmingly positive, as reported by Uproxx. Fans used their Twitter accounts to revel on the movie. One called the movie "outstanding." Some called it amazing. Many claimed it is now one of their favourite movies. Some fans advised moviegoers when the movie is officially released to wait for the "tag at the end of the credits."

Even before this surprise took place, the movie is already highly anticipated. The public release of two trailers on Christmas Day, where Deadpool can be heard saying he is after someone of his "naughty list," already garnered millions of views within the first 24 hours on YouTube, as reported by GQ.

Deadpool Here Is Not Deadpool in "X-Men Origins"

Even if it was also Reynolds who portrayed Deadpool in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," the actor shared that the Deadpool in this first full-length feature film of the supervillain turned hero is nowhere the same. "Deadpool appearing in Origins is not the Deadpool we are representing in this film, in any way shape or form," Reynolds told SiriusXM.

It's So Good, It's Banned in China

"Deadpool" is banned in China. While it means some sales money can be lost from that part of the world, it is not entirely a bad thing. It just means the R-rated film has achieved what it set out to do. China asserted that the movie is so full of violence, nudity and graphic language that it is not appropriate to be shown in the country. For others, it just means that their money will be worth it. After all, Reynolds once said that "Deadpool's greatest superpower is annoying the s**t out of people," as reported by Games Radar

"Deadpool" will be out in U.S. cinemas on Feb. 12. It will be shown earlier in the U.K., on Feb. 4. The full trailer can be watched below.

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