Kris Jenner 'Almost Relieved' That Rob Kardashian Is Diabetic

3:44 AM EST 1/22/2016 by Rhea Pruto, Celebeat Reporter

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Kris Jenner is "almost relieved" that her son, Rob Kardashian, is diagnosed as a diabetic, this even though the condition is not a joking matter. 

While most moms worry whenever their children are diagnosed with a serious illness, Kris revealed that she felt quite relieved that her son has been diagnosed with diabetes. It's not that the matriarch of the famous clan is actually happy; it's just that she can just see the positive side of the diagnosis. 

Speaking with Access Hollywood, Kris said the diagnosis is not heartbreaking as people might expect. She said that being diagnosed can make Rob take all the necessary steps to become better. For her, therefore, the diagnosis is "godsend." 

Kris also revealed that Rob has a long way to go before becoming healthy once more. She said that it can be easier said than done. "It's one thing to say, 'Oh, I'm going to get on the healthy path,' but then you really need to get on the healthy path," she explained. She is not losing faith in her son, though, whom she described as a "perfectionist." She added that even though it is a big challenge for him to be healthy again, she is quite sure that Rob can "turn it around" and be healthier. 

Even if Kris decided to look at the whole thing in a positive light, doctors are wary. NYC-based nutritionist Charles Passler has shared to Life & Style that Rob's condition is not something to be taken lightly. In other words, if he does not change his lifestyle soon and stop overeating, he is likely to suffer from "heart attacks, kidney failure, eye problems, and more." Dr. Passler emphasised that diabetes can be deadly. 

The nutritionist, however, claims that it is not at all that difficult to turn his life around if he wants to. According to Dr. Passler, serious diet and exercise in "three to six months" can save his life. The doctor shared that type 2 diabetes is "almost always curable" with proper nutrition and active lifestyle.

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