'Vikings' Season 5 Spoilers: Travis Fimmel Reunites With Costars, Ragnar Lothbrok Returns In History Series? [PHOTO]

9:48 AM EST 2/27/2017 by Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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The previous season of "Vikings" had concluded with a major victory for the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok. However, some fans are still reeling from the death of the former King of Kattegat after he was tortured and thrown into a snake pit. But is it possible that Travis Fimmel will still return in "Vikings" Season 5? A new photo featuring the cast of the History series might confirm that Ragnar will return soon.

In "All His Angels", Ragnar Lothbrok was finally surrendered to King Aelle (via Entertainment Weekly). The King of Northumbria didn't waste time in torturing the captured Northman, who he had vowed to kill since the first season. Aelle's final decision was to throw Ragnar into a pit of snakes, which somehow mirrors the events described in Norse legend. It might look like Travis Fimmel will no longer return in "Vikings" Season 5. However, there are speculations that a new photo confirms that the "Warcraft" star has reunited with his TV costars.

Katheryn Winnick recently posted a new photo on Instagram which shows the cast of "Vikings" Season 5. The photo appeared harmless at first until some fans began to wonder if the man wearing the NY baseball hat is Travis Fimmel. Does this mean that Ragnar Lothbrok could still make an appearance when the series returns on History later this year?


It is important to point out that the man in the NY baseball hat is not Travis Fimmel. Rather, it is Jordan Smith, the actor who plays Ragnar Lothbrok and Aslaug's eldest son Ubbe. The similarity is certainly evident, since both men like to wear ballcaps and thick beards. However, there is no possibility that Fimmel will even return in "Vikings" Season 5.

Travis Fimmel has already stated that Ragnar Lothbrok will not return for one very simple reason: The character was an atheist (via Moviepilot). According to Fimmel, Ragnar would not want to return as "any religious ghostly images" in "Vikings" Season 5. Hopefully, the "Warcraft" star will change his mind and appear in a vision to guide his sons in the future season.

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