'Teen Wolf' Season 6B Predictions: Dylan O'Brien Returns In Season Finale, Stiles Disappears To Bring Focus Back To Scott

8:00 AM EST 3/10/2017 by Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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Stiles Stilinski may have been absent for most of the first half of "Teen Wolf" Season 6, but it was still all about Scott McCall's best friend. After all, the show's storyline was mainly about getting Dylan O'Brien's character back from the Void. So is it possible that "Teen Wolf" Season 6B will finally focus solely on Tyler Posey's character? Will Stiles be absent throughout the rest of the show then pop up again in the season finale?

The winter finale of the final season featured the highly anticipated return of Dylan O'Brien as Stiles, who managed to escape from the Ghostriders. He even shared a mind-blowing kiss with Lydia in "Riders on the Storm". So did the series try to cap things off neatly for Stiles so he could take a step back from the limelight? Does this mean "Teen Wolf" Season 6B will be all about Scott up until the season finale?

"Teen Wolf" Season 6 has managed to work around Dylan O'Brien's unavailability since last year. CeleBeat has already reported that the actor is currently in South Africa to work on "Maze Runner 3" while scenes are still being shot for the back end of his show's final season. Nevertheless, it looks like "Teen Wolf" Season 6B will find a way to explain Stiles' absence. There are speculations that the character will be away from Beacon Hills as he pursues a "pre-FBI program" elsewhere, as per TVLine. This probably means that Scott will be the main focus of the last 10 episodes.

So does this mean Dylan O'Brien will not be a part of "Teen Wolf" Season 6B? Creator Jeff Davis doesn't want to get anybody's hopes up as he told Hypable that the midseason finale might be "the end of Stiles." There is still a possibility that O'Brien will reprise his role in the season finale, because, seriously, can this show end without Scott's best friend? The last 10 episodes of the final season will begin airing on MTV this summer.

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