'Legion' Season 1 Episode 7 Air Date, Predictions & Spoilers: Shadow King Reveals Charles Xavier's Fate To David Haller?

9:04 AM EDT 3/17/2017

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It certainly took some time, but "Legion" has finally confirmed a stunning connection between David Haller and the rest of the "X-Men" universe. The new promo for "Legion" Season 1 Episode 7 reveals that the Yellow-Eyed Demon is actually the Shadow King, a Marvel villain who has gone up against Charles Xavier. So is it possible that Amahl Farouk will tell David what really happened to his estranged father?

The truth about the Yellow-Eyed Demon may have been a surprise for most people, but io9 reports that his identity has been hinted on for a long time. Although the Shadow King has recently manifested himself as David Haller's best friend Lenny, he has also appeared as a dog named King when David was a child. As it turns out, the villain has been inside David for a very long time. But how exactly did he get there? Will Amahl Farouk reveal the truth about his encounter with Charles Xavier in "Legion" Season 1 Episode 7?

In the comic books, the Shadow King has been a long time nemesis of Charles Xavier. In fact, Amahl Farouk was one of the reasons Professor X decided to form the X-Men, as per ComicVine. Although Charles managed to defeat the Shadow King, his astral form continued to occupy any available mutant. There is a possibility that "Legion" Season 1 Episode 7 will reveal that the villain decided to enter David Haller so he can continue antagonizing David's father. Or could it be a way to bring Charles back in the picture for yet another major battle between the two?

Will David Haller learn the truth about Charles Xavier in "Chapter 7"? Does the Shadow King actually know what happened to Professor X or could it just be another trick to confuse David? "Legion" Season 1 Episode 7 will air on FX on March 22, as per YouTube.

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