'Arrow' Season 5 Episode 17 Air Date, Predictions & Spoilers: Prometheus, Talia al Ghul Break Oliver Queen In 'Kapiushon'

9:03 AM EDT 3/17/2017

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The past might finally be catching up to Oliver Queen in the next episode of "Arrow" Season 5. The Green Arrow was last seen being captured by Prometheus and Talia al Ghul, but will Oliver survive his new situation? There are speculations that Adrian Chase will team up with Ra's al Ghul's daughter to torture Stephen Amell's character in "Kapiushon". Will Oliver break in "Arrow" Season 5 Episode 17?

In "Checkmate", Talia al Ghul returned to somehow get her revenge, as per Entertainment Weekly. She revealed to Oliver Queen that she is Ra's al Ghul's other daughter and has vowed to avenge her father. To do so, Talia has teamed up with Adrian Chase, who eventually became Prometheus. This led to a confrontation between Oliver and Adrian as well as the death of Doris. Unfortunately, the episode concluded with Oliver being abducted by Talia and Adrian, who pretends that everything is fine at City Hall. But what could happen to Oliver in "Arrow" Season 5 Episode 17 now that Prometheus has total control over his life?

The synopsis for "Kapiushon" confirms that Prometheus will do anything in his power to "break Oliver [Queen]", as per ComicBookMovie. Unfortunately, there are no hints on whether Team Arrow will be able to rescue their fearless leader. Some believe that Adrian Chase will torture Oliver to the point that he will forget his own good intentions in "Arrow" Season 5 Episode 17. Could this be the end of the Green Arrow? Will Talia al Ghul find a way to avenge her father's death?

The YouTube promo for "Kapiushon" certainly confirms that Adrian Chase will take every possible chance to ruin Oliver Queen, from threatening his son to aiming an arrow at him. Will Prometheus finally break Oliver? "Arrow" Season 5 Episode 17 will air on The CW on March 22.

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