'One Piece' Episode 783 Spoilers: Sanji Returns Falling in Love With Charlotte Pudding

11:10 AM EDT 3/17/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"One Piece" episode 783 spoilers reveal that Sanji will make a comeback falling in love with Charlotte Pudding, where he is seen staring at her photograph while he is with Baron Tamago in Big Mom's Ship. Japanese voice actor Hiroaki Hirata has announced on Twitter earlier this month that his character Sanji is coming back in the said episode.

"One Piece" episode 783 is titled Sanji Returns Home - To Big Mom's Territory!, which sees Sanji obviously falling in love with Lady Pudding and fans are wondering how would this have an effect on Luffy's mission. As fas as everyone can remember, the only reason that Sanji entered the agreement of marrying Lady Pudding was to save his pal, Luffy as well as his Vinsmoke clan but fans have speculated that he eventually falls in love with her.

Anime News Network reports that the original "One Piece" anime filler arc will bring in a host of colorful new characters, who are also showcased in the story arc cover art. This includes Bonam (Hiroki Yasumoto), who is a Longarm Tribe member, Grant (Natsuki Hanae, a champion of justice, Vice-Admiral Prodi (Youhei Tadano), who is Garp's old pal and Sappa (Makoto Furukawa), the dual-sword wielder.

In "One Piece" episode 780, Luffy went head-to-head with the rookie marines and spoilers reveal that the new characters will be introduced in the succeeding episodes, which means that they will appear once the three episodes of the arc (780, 781 and 782) have been aired. However, it is still unclear who would be the enemies or allies of the Straw Hat Pirates among these new characters.

Moreover, Totto Land arc was introduced in the last three episodes of the anime series and "One Piece" episode 783 spoilers reveal that the arc will not continue at least until episode 782 has been completed. It only means that the Rookie Marine arc will be three episodes long.

According to a report, "One Piece" episode 783 will air on April 9 written by Tomohiro Nakayama with Yasunori Koyama directing the episode. Toshio Deguchi is the animation director and Tetsuya Endo taking care of the storyboard.

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