Ricardo Medina Jr Of 'Power Rangers' Fame To Be Sentenced For Manslaughter ; Victim's Sister Says Actor Was Irrational

12:21 PM EDT 3/17/2017 by Sabine Silva, Celebeat Reporter

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Ricardo Medina Jr, the actor who once played a popular character in the children's TV series "Power Rangers" has pleaded guilty to murder. The one time onscreen superhero admitted to the manslaughter of a roommate using a sword.

Ricardo Medina Jr admitted in a plea at the Antelope Valley Court to the murder of Josh Sutter, Los Angeles Times reported. In a statement issued by the Los Angeles (LA) county attorney's office, the stabbing took place following an altercation the actor had at his home in Green Valley in LA.

Ricardo Medina Jr is facing a term of six years in prison when his sentence is commuted in two weeks time, prosecutor's told the publication. The fatal incident took place in January 2016 and at the time the young actor was charged with murder in the first degree.

According to reports Ricardo Medina Jr and his roommate had begun their tense altercation following a disagreement about the "Power Ranger" actor's girlfriend. Sutter was displeased in the manner that the star's girlfriend had parked her car.

Ricardo Medina Jr built a reputation owing to his portrayal of the character Red Lion Wild Force Ranger in the children's TV show "Power Rangers Wild Force." The actor stabbed Sutter multiple times with a sword in rage it is claimed. Following the attack the star called an emergency ambulance on 911 and remained at the site till LA Sheriff's Deputies arrived on the scene, the Mirror reported.

While Ricardo Medina Jr was arrested following Sutter's death, he was released when prosecutors claimed they required further investigations into the case. The actor initially claimed the stabbing was in self-defense. In a plea agreement, the actor's lawyers reduced the sentence of the murder charge to voluntary manslaughter on the basis of his admission to the crime, Fox News claimed.

Ricado Medina Jr who has appeared in TV shows such as "CSI:Miami" and "ER" is reported to have faced life imprisonment if found guilty. The charge would have been for the crime of first-degree murder.

Sutter's sister, Rachel Kennedy claimed that her brother was helping her with her business in finding homes for rescued dogs. Kennedy had hired Ricardo Medina Jr to look after the dogs, however she claimed his behavior was irrational and they argued frequently.

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