Queen Elizabeth II News: Funeral Plans For The Queen Revealed

4:55 PM EDT 3/17/2017 by Irene Cabrera, Celebeat Reporter

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Only time will tell when the reign of Queen Elizabeth II will finally end. Regardless of how it comes to a halt, the events following the royal Queen's death has already been planned out for decades.

Queen Elizabeth II has ruled the British monarchy for the past 65 years. However, it is a given that the Queen will not live forever. Sam Knight, a writer for The Guardian in the United Kingdom, wrote a thorough report about what happens when the Queen eventually dies and the nine days that follow, as well as the events before her death takes place.

During the final hours of Queen Elizabeth II, her head doctor, gastroenterologist Professor Huw Thomas, will officially take charge. He will be given the authority as to who gets to visit the Queen and will also have full control on what information about her health should be disclosed to the public, according to Channel 24.

When the day of Queen Elizabeth II finally arrives, her son Prince Charles will officially take over the throne. Palace officials will then begin writing statements that they will send to important people, only providing the most important details. The Queen's private secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt, will then inform the country's prime minister. Officials have developed a code word for the death of Queen Elizabeth II - London Bridge - in order to make sure that no information will be leaked to the press.

Regardless of the location where the Queen will take her final breath, the body of Queen Elizabeth II will ultimately be transferred to Buckingham Palace throne room, where her coffin will be laid for three days before it is moved to Westminster Hall and remain for four more days. During the first nine days of the Queen's death, all flags around the country will be at half mast, royal families around Europe will attend her wake and all nationwide events will be cancelled.

On the final day, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, the crown jewels will be removed from the coffin and cleaned before dawn and the coffin will be brought to the halls of Westminster Abbey where an archbishop will lead prayers. Afterwards, the coffin will be placed on a carriage, carried by sailors and brought to St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, where she will be interred in the chapel's royal vault, according to E! Online.

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