‘Fairy Tail’ 528 Spoilers: August Finally Meets His End, Thanks To Mavis

6:55 AM EDT 3/20/2017 by Lainee M., Celebeat Reporter

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"Fairy Tail" promises more surprises and actions as manga enthusiasts might finally see August's death in the next chapter. Though this is yet to be confirmed, "Fairy Tail" 528 spoilers in a scene from the previous release suggest that the "Magic King" will meet his demise in the hands of a more powerful mage. Speculations surfaced that this mage is no other than his alleged mother, Mavis.

"Fairy Tail" fans from MangaHelpers have been bumping the page with their own predictions on what may happen on this week's release because of that August cliffhanger. Some "Fairy Tail" 528 spoilers say that the upcoming chapter may reveal that it's Mavis who defeated the strongest Spriggan 12 member. It can be recalled that "Fairy Tail" 527 showed Zeref's son casting an ancient magic that could melt the Earth and evaporate the blood of living beings. However, he did not continue his spell because he reportedly saw his mother Mavis from somewhere.

The next scene took readers to a flashback where it was stated that the only one who can defeat Zeref's son would be his mother. Then, the scene progressed to where August was vanishing while hoping for one chance to hug the unknown entity he was talking to. That said, "Fairy Tail" 528 spoilers state that the unseen creature is his mother Mavis, the only mage who is deemed to be more powerful than him.

Apart from "Fairy Tail" 528 spoilers, fans of this hit manga series about mages might be interested to know that the anime's film adaptation full trailer is now out. As per a report by Comicbook, the film called "Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry" might be focusing on Natsu's past during the time Igneel was raising him if the trailer is to be considered. See your favorite "Fairy Tail" characters such as Lucy Juvia, Grey, Erza and a not so delighted Happy in the trailer below.

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