Could The Duchess of Cornwall's Title See A Reversial From 'Princess Consort' When Prince Charles Is King?

9:21 AM EDT 3/20/2017 by Sabine Silva, Celebeat Reporter

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The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles who married Britain's Prince Charles ten years ago some suggest, could have a chance at wearing the crown of Queen someday. With the Queen's ageing health reports of Prince Charles ascending to the throne seem imminent and have given rise to questions over the role of his long-time companion.

The Duchess of Cornwall was destined to hold the title of  "Princess Consort" as announced by Clarence House following her engagement and thereafter marriage to the Pince of Wales in 2005. However, critics feel there could be a reversal of plans than originally envisioned at the time of her marriage, the Express reported.

The Duchess of Cornwall, royal observers feel has cemented her role in the Royal Family and the Queen, many claim, has softened her stance in recent times regarding her daughter-in-law. In June 2016, it was reported that Parker Bowles was included in the names of the Privy Council. This small gesture by the Queen has set minds ticking in the royal household that Prince Charles could actually make her his Queen.

Royal observers feel the Duchess of Cornwall needs more than the Queen's approval to wear the crown, the publication reported. However, it is felt that the Queens small gestures along the way including granting Parker Bowles, the Grand Dame Cross of the Royal Victorian Order in 2012, was a means of paving the way for public acceptance of her role any day Prince Charles assumes the throne.

The monarchy in Britain has survived largely on public acceptance of model British values. The Dutchess of Cornwall's role is no different and public acceptance is vital. A public poll in 2015 claimed that more than 50 percent of Britons felt Parker Bowles should not be Queen. It is this image that many critics claim Prince Charles is hoping to rectify.

According to royal protocol, the spouses of rulings Kings earn the title of "Queen Consorts." However, the husbands of ruling Queens cannot claim rights to a title, the Royal Central reported. It is the reason behind Prince Philip being identified as the Duke of Edinburgh, a title gifted by the Queen.

Meanwhile, plans are afoot in the planning of the days after the demise of the sovereign including a secret codeword such as "London bridge is down," to express her death, the Guardian reported. With such swift preparations underway, many feel the Duchess of Cornwall's title too could see a role reversal in the near future.  

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