‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 83 Spoilers: Vegeta Meets Bulla; Goku Prepares For Jiren, Recruits Tournament Of Power Fighters

10:53 AM EDT 3/20/2017 by Lainee M., Celebeat Reporter

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"Dragon Ball Super" couldn't be more exciting following Toppo's threat that no Universe 7 fighter can match the Pride Troopers' strongest member, Jiren, in the Tournament of Power. For this reason, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83 spoilers pointed out that Goku will be concerned and somehow terrified about the impending fight so he will prepare by recruiting the strongest fighters he could, including Vegeta. However, the prince is not into battling right now as he is anticipating to meet Bulla, his second child with Bulma.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83 spoilers from Comicbook claimed that the new release will finally feature Bulla. Fans of the hit anime have already known Vegeta's daughter as she made her debut on Dragon Ball Z but not much about her infancy has been revealed. That said, "DBS" is expected to show Bulla's infant years in the future episodes according to the report.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83 spoilers also suggested that Bulla will be the reason why Vegeta will not agree to join the Tournament of Power. As earlier reported here at Celebeat, he might engage in a heated argument with Goku because of his refusal. However, things may still take a different course so fans are advised to take spoilers and speculations with a grain of salt.

For a quick "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 82 recap, Toppo and Goku fought in a match where the latter transformed into his Super Saiyan Blue form. Not only that he was able to free himself from a seemingly deadly embrace from Toppo, he also had the chance to fire a Kamehameha at his opponent. This, however, did not end the match as the Saiyan's power only tore Toppo's clothes.

The Grand Priest decided to stop the battle as both fighters may end up dead if they continue the match. For this reason, Universe 11 and Universe 7 will meet again in the Tournament of Power, but can Goku convince Vegeta to join them? For more "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83 spoilers, keep checking here at Celebeat before the episode airs this weekend.

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