Vanessa Grimaldi Captivates the Audience on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' With Her Sequin Cutout Mini Dress

11:04 AM EDT 3/20/2017 by Menahem Zen, Celebeat Reporter

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The newly engaged couple from "The Bachelor" Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall made their appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." She looked stunning wearing a Sequin cutout mini dress.

Grimaldi who looked fabulous in her dress looked so much in love with Viall in their first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live." Her fiancee donned a white shirt with a black tie and dark gray jacket. According to Us Weekly, they have been engaged since December before the Thanksgiving, but they had to keep secret.

She said that they took their small steps in the relationship following the engagement which was filmed in November. Viall then continued saying that they didn't even have a dinner reservation. They appeared during the Monday edition of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" aired March 13.

During their appearance at "Jimmy Kimmel Live," they also played some rounds of the Newly Engaged Game, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. According to Kimmel, the game is similar to Newly Wed Game, and they both passed the game very well. They made their top scores during the game that tested each other's favorite, including celebrity crushes, each other's middle name, and star sign.

Kimmel, the host of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," later asked the question to the lovebird regarding the place where they planned to reside. Since Grimaldi is from Montreal where she lives and works there, but her fiancee is living in Los Angeles, that would be one tough decision for them to take. Viall openly said that they haven't made decision.

“We have to figure that stuff out," Viall answered the question about the city where they choose to reside. "She’s going to be spending as much time with me as possible out in L.A." Watch the Monday episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" when they made their first appearance below:

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