Lil Scrappy Caught Flirting With Strippers In Atlanta Club: Bambi Not Ready To Cope Up With That Anymore

5:43 AM EDT 3/22/2017 by Arunraj Prasannachandran, Celebeat Reporter

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Lil Scrappy who is the fiancée of the reality star Bambi Benson's gathered the darkness when the sun was sleeping at a strip club in Atlanta March 13, which erupted rumors of the breakup of the couples. Will it be washed off like that?

Posting videos from his naughty night out in Atlanta, which is the Magic City on March 13 was not at all an issue for Lil Crappy, even with strippers. Scrappy the rapper posted on his Instagram the club scene, which included women who are barely-dressed and the floor with dollar bills thrown here and there, which increased his fans but blabbering that there's an issue in his relationship with Bambi Benson.

Lil Scrappy has been partying many times before this recently. Indeed, there were rumors that the couples may split from December, while he got caught red-handed on a video when flirting with a blonde dancer leaving a Miami strip club. Both have not yet confirmed the breakup reports still, but still, conditions definitely didn't sound being good between them at the episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta on March 13. In fact, Scrappy even told his mom that he was in a huge fight with Bambi as she never trusts him, which made him move out to live in a hotel.

Even though he informed on the episode that he's "not sure he wants to get married just to get divorced." It was reported by exclusively that he would not leave Bambi just like that. Reports are claiming that he would be miserable without her. Anyhow, some sources also affirmed that Bambi will not much longer cope with Lil Scrappy's party life anymore and if the new video turns to an indication, he still has not given up that scene yet. It seems that we must wait in order to find out what happens next.


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