Marvel's TV Series 'Iron Fist' Trigger Racial Controversy; More Problems for Netflix

2:19 PM EDT 3/22/2017 by Menahem Zen, Celebeat Reporter

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"Iron Fist" triggered racial controversy with its cast selection. The TV series is the fourth collaboration between Netflix and Marvel as the comic adaptation. Unfortunately, it has drawn a harsh criticism in many aspects, from bad fighting scene to racial controversy.

Racial controversy and bad reviews have diminished the value of "Iron Fist" as reported by New York Times. The series was adapted by the 1974 Marvel's comic written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Gil Kane.

"Iron Fist" comic told the story of Danny Rand who was left by her father after an accident during the expedition to search the mystical city of Kun Lun. The 9-year-old boy was then adopted by kung fu monks and lived in the monastery, where he learned kung fu and mastered the martial arts.

The racial controversy arose when the Marvel and Netflix confirmed to cast Finn Jones, to play the role of Danny Rand in March last year. With the recent changes in the adaptation of Marvel's comic, Asian communities expected "Iron Fist" will be portrayed by Asian.

Marvel has changed Nick Fury into an African-American and selecting Samuel L. Jackson to play the role. Furthermore, Heimdall in "Thor was also portrayed by African-American cast, Idris Elba. Therefore, Asian-American community expected to see Asian face playing Danny Rand, the main character of "Iron Fist."

However, Marvel and Netflix returned to the old Hollywood style of storytelling, to tell a classic white man tale in "Iron Fist." In respond to that, an actor and movie director of the Asican descendant John Brougher decided to make his own version as reported by USA Today.

Brougher said the Hollywood's way to erase the Asian-American role is unsettling. He took the example of Matt Damon playing the Asian role in "The Great Wall" and Scarlett Johansson to play leading role in the adaptation of Japanese anime "Ghost in the Shell."

He later produced and directed his own adaptation of "Iron Fist." The movie titled in "Iron and Rage" is produced by Revolutionary Existence Productions is available on YouTube since March 13. Watch the movie below:

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