'Dragon Ball Super': Attractive Angel Marcarita Appears to Be in a Romantic Relationship With the God of Destruction

2:59 PM EDT 3/23/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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There have been spoilers making rounds online about the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episodes with Goku recruiting other heroes to join the tournament to protect their universe. The Tournament of Power gathers 80 warriors from different eight universes to fight at once. Universe 11's fighters are considered as the most powerful in the multiverse and are expected to win in the said tournament. To top it all, there is one angel that tickles fans interest with her attractive looks.

Universe 11 was introduced a few weeks ago including Vermouth, the clown-like God of Destruction. According to Toei Animation, Vermouth is, in fact, a good God of Destruction, who admires and considers Toppo's troops with importance. When he was initially introduced in "Dragon Ball Super" Universe 11, fans were wondering what he actually does since he is being mysterious. However, Vermouth appears to be a smart warrior who fights against evil.

Vermouth has an attractive angel named Marcarita, who is a servant and a master for the God of Destruction. According to Todd Blankenship @Herms98, a trusted source of "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers, Marcarita got her name from the Mexican drink, Margarita. "At least Marcarita is on-point; her name comes from margarita, but with the "g" sound swapped out for a c/k sound," reads his post on Twitter. The angel is tall, slim with a light blue skin color who doesn't agree with Universe 11's supreme Kai as well as with Vermoiuth at all times.

There are speculations that Marcarita is in a relationship with Vermouth that appears to be romantic. When they first appeared in "Dragon Ball Super" Universal Saga, they look like the bad guys but as Toei Animation said, they are fighters who are on the good side. In episode 82, it can be recalled that Goku and Toppo have both impressed Vermouth with their fighting level. The results of the Tournament of Power, however, remains to be seen in the upcoming episodes.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 83 titled Form the Universe 7 Team! Who are the Strongest Ten?! Is expected to air on March 26. The episode sees Vegeta becoming a father again to his second child with Bulma.

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