'Justice League' New Teaser Trailer Reveals Flash Showcasing His Super Speed

2:26 PM EDT 3/24/2017 by Menahem Zen, Celebeat Reporter

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"Justice League" releases the first look of the speedster Flash showing his super power. The short flick accompanies other clips featuring Batman and Aquaman.

The short clip was released Thursday, revealing Flash in his suite, which according to Comic Book, Flash is seen to look pleased with his appearance. He is pictured to run in his very high speed as lightning sparkle around him, then he takes a spread-out stance with a skyline as the background.

Ezra Miller is cast as Barry Allen, the forensic scientist in the Central City Police Department who is able to tap into the Speed Force because of an accident. Barry Allen is one of the other superheroes in the DC Comics who is able to access the Speed Force and entitled to be called Flash. Other Flash characters are Jay Garrick from the alternate universe in DC Comics, Johnny Quick, Wally West and Max Mercury. However, the most notable Flash of them all is Barry Allen, which joins the team of superheroes in the "Justice League."

The clip of Flash was revealed Thursday night, two days before the release of official "Justice League" trailer as reported by Deadline. The other flicks which were released are two teaser trailers for Aquaman and Batman.

In Aquaman teaser, Batman is shown to toss the trident, which should be called quindent to be more accurate because it has five prongs, to Aquaman. Later the king of the undersea uses the trident to calm the raging ocean. While in Batman teaser trailer, the new Batmobile is shown with its complete armor.

"Justice League" will unite Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash to stop the main supervillain Steppenwolf and his army of extra-terrestrial beings called Parademons from destroying the earth. Watch the first appearance of Flash in the official short teaser trailer from Warner Brothers below:

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