Selena Gomez Surprised LA High School Students for Charity Work with Coach, Step Up Foundation- "Love Yourself First"

8:30 AM EDT 3/25/2017 by Trisha Cerdena, Celebeat Reporter

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Selena Gomez had a surprise up her sleeves for high school students in Los Angeles on Thursday. With the help of Coach and the Step Up Foundation, the former Disney star was able to share the message of empowerment among young individuals and fulfilling their potential.

As the designer brand’s celebrity ambassador, Selena Gomez took part in the World Kindness Day celebration by working with Coach and its national charity partner- the Step Up organization. The latter is known for its works on empowering young women from less privileged communities.

As for Selena Gomez, she took the opportunity to encourage the young students to “love yourself first,” the mantra that the 24-year-old singer tries to remind herself of as well. Two high schools in Los Angeles, the Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School and the Alliance Leichtman-Levine Environmental Science High School, were chosen as the main participants in the Step Up activity hosted by Coach CEO Victor Luis.

Little did the students know that he will be joined by Selena Gomez herself, who shared her Step Up experience with her followers on Instagram. The “Hands to Myself” singer joined Luis and the Step Up CEO Jenni Luke as they led a curriculum lesson as a means of promoting confidence and aiding the young individuals in realizing their potential, as reported by People Magazine.

“I am truly thrilled to be involved with Coach and their support of Step Up,” Selena Gomez shared in her official statement. “Step Up’s mission to empower young women is personally important to me and something even more crucial in under-served communities. Working with the young women I met today was an inspirational experience I will never forget.”

According to Luke, Selena Gomez’s actual appearance during the activity significantly placed emphasis on the foundation’s message for young girls to understand their capabilities and reach their goals. Netflix’s “Thirteen Reasons Why,” Selena Gomez’s next piece of work, draws attention to another issue she is sensitive about- bullying- and is expected to bring on inspiration and knowledge for young girls.

It was only last December when Selena Gomez joined Coach as a celebrity brand ambassador, and now she has been actively promoting the brand. Aside from using Coach’s looks to complete her everyday wear, The Weeknd’s girlfriend will also be featured in the brand’s fall 2017 ad campaign.

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