'Dragon Ball Super': Toppo & Goku's Fight Bothers Marcarita; Krillin's Strength Put to Test

11:47 AM EDT 3/27/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"Dragon Ball Super" episode 82 showcased Toppo and Goku's battle against each other as the former has challenged the popular Saiyan for a match to know whether he is a villain or not. The Omni-King gave the go signal of the unexpected battle, which unveiled the strengths and abilities of the two famous fighters. Additionally, a promo for episode 84 has also been released, which features Krillin trying to dig deeper into his real strength and power.

Universe 11's Toppo is considered to be the next God of Destruction and when he challenged Goku for a match, Marcarita appears to be worried. Apparently, Toppo is convinced that Goku is a villain in "Dragon Ball Super" but Kaio-shin advised Marcarita to let Toppo believe that way to let all his powers out. Toppo is a fighter of justice and his fighting techniques are named after the word justice as he only fights against evil people. As for Goku, EnStars reports that he's been showcased in a new clip that shows him transforms into a red-colored form called the Super Saiyan X form.

This bothered Marcarita, whose name derived from the famous cocktail Margarita, as she knows that Goku is not a villain. Fans believe that the reason why Toppo challenged Goku is because he thinks that as a fighter of justice in "Dragon Ball Super," it is his responsibility to stop the reason of having the Tournament of Power. The only problem that may arise is when he decides not to fight against the other warriors the moment that he learns that the tournament doesn't have evil intentions.

As for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 84, a YouTube video revealed that Goku asks Krillin to join his team to fight in the Tournament of Power. The latter appears to be surprised with Goku's request as he has already stopped from fighting. Although Goku knows that his best friend is strong, he still holds training with him to put his strength to test in preparation for the said tournament.

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