'Pirates Of The Caribbean 5' Spoilers: Orlando Bloom Confirmed Will Turner, Elizabeth Swan Son Will Appear 3 Years Ago

11:59 AM EDT 3/29/2017 by Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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People couldn't stop talking about the latest details about "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" where Brenton Thwaites' character was confirmed to be the son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan. However, it looks like Orlando Bloom has already revealed that Henry Turner will be making an appearance in "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" a long time ago. In addition to that, Bloom had hinted that Will could look very different in the franchise's final film.

A new featurette posted on the Walt Disney Studios Facebook page offered a behind the scenes look at "Pirates of the Caribbean 5". The brief video also featured Brenton Thwaites talking about working on the film, which he described as "exciting" as "something new happening every day." The interesting thing is, the actor's character is revealed to be "Henry Turner". The tiny detail certainly confirmed an ongoing theory that Thwaites will be playing Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan's son.

This may appear to be a new development in the "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" storyline but Orlando Bloom has already confirmed that Will Turner's son will be a major part of the film 3 years ago. In an interview with IGN back in December 2014, the star of "The Hobbit" revealed that the movie will deal with Will's relationship with his son. Bloom was still in negotiations to appear in "Dead Men Tell No Tales" back then, but it was clear that the Walt Disney flick will introduce Will's child with Elizabeth Swan.

The revelation about Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan's son was not the only thing Orlando Bloom hinted on in "Pirates of the Caribbean 5". The actor may have also offered a clue to why his character has not yet been featured in any of the trailers. Bloom expressed excitement over Will possibly resembling Davey Jones now that he is the captain of the Flying Dutchman. "I won't look anything like me," Bloom had said.

Will Orlando Bloom begin to look like Davey Jones in "Pirates of the Caribbean 5"? How will the son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan deal with his father's return? Find out when "Dead Men Tell No Tales" premieres on May 26.

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