'Dragon Ball Super' Episodes 84 & 85: Goku's Rematch With Majin Buu; Android 18 Convinced to Join the Tournament

7:55 AM EDT 3/30/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"Dragon Ball Super" episode 83 is yet to be aired this weekend but there are already updates on episodes 84 and 85 circulating online. It can be recalled that episode 84 has been teased with Android 17 and Android 18's return in the series. Goku successfully convinced the two Androids to join the Tournament of Power but with Krillin's participation, his wife Android 18 changed her mind instead.

Over on YouTube, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 84, which airs on April 2, revealed that Goku has to lie to Android 18 to convince her to join the Tournament of Power. Android 18 is extremely powerful, especially that she can level up since she is partly human. With this, Goku tells her that whoever wins in the tournament will receive prize money amounting to ten million Zenny. This eventually convinced Android 18 to join the tournament.

It has also been teased that Vegeta will eventually join the team following the birth of her second child with Bulma. According to Comic Book, Vegeta is apparently anxious about his daughter's birth. The most recent episode of "Dragon Ball Super" shows that he disobeyed Beerus' direct order to enter the Tournament of Power. He's been wanted in the team to join the tournament since he is one of the top warriors in Universe 7 but he doesn't want to do anything until Bulma gives birth.

To solve Goku's ordeal in "Dragon Ball Super," powerful angel Whis did some magic to force Bulma to give birth, which certainly worked as baby Bra magically appeared covered with a green blanket. It's a stunning twist but some fans find it weird. Bulma obviously liked what the angel did since she didn't have to go through labor pains.

As for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 85, another teaser posted on YouTube reveals that Goku runs into a slim Majin Buu, who has been training for the Tournament of Power. Goku goes to Dende's temple in search for Android 17 but with Majin Buu around, the two powerful fighters apparently end up sparring. The last time that fans saw Majin Buu and Goku fought was in "Dragon Ball Z" so, it certainly thrilled all fans.

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