'The X-Files' Season Season 11 Could Feature David Duchovny Playing Both Mulder And Scully, Gillian Anderson Not Returning? [PHOTO]

8:16 AM EDT 3/30/2017 by Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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The future of "The X-Files" Season 11 might be uncertain but that doesn't mean that fans can't find some humor while waiting for the return of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. A truly inspired joke has poked fun on David Duchovny's appearance in the "Twin Peaks" revival. At the same time, it teases on the possibility that Gillian Anderson might not be back in the Fox series.

It has recently been confirmed that David Duchovny would reprise his role as DEA agent Dennis/Denise Bryson in the highly anticipated "Twin Peaks" revival. Fans even got a glimpse of how the "Californication" actor would look like when the series airs on Showtime in May. The image of Duchovny in an outfit that Scully would normally wear immediately had fans making Mulder in drag jokes all over social media. One Twitter user @andymannion777 even pointed out that producers might decide to have the actor play both characters in "The X-Files" Season 11.

It might seem like all fun and jokes right now, but there are true concerns about Scully's appearance in the Fox series. After all, Gillian Anderson has been very vocal about not wanting to revisit the show after the recent revival, as per Reuters. Although it looks like David Duchovny and creator Chris Carter are on board for "The X-Files" Season 11, the "American Gods" star might need some more convincing. Hopefully, Anderson will change her mind and come back to help shed light on the previous season's shocking cliffhanger.

It is still unclear whether David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will work on "The X-Files" Season 11 anytime soon, but fans are hoping to get an update. CeleBeat has previously reported on the possibility that Fox will make an announcement about the series since the first 9 seasons will no longer be available for streaming on Netflix starting April 1.

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