'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Confirms Colin Firth Return, Harry Hart Reunites With Eggsy To Work With Statesman

7:48 AM EDT 3/31/2017 by Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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The cat is finally out of the bag: Colin Firth will be back in the highly anticipated "Kingsman: The Golden Circle". Does this mean the organization has found a way to resurrect Harry Hart so he could help Eggsy in the sequel? Can they both work well with a new agency called Statesman? And more importantly, will Firth do another action sequence similar to the first film's infamous church fight scene?

The teaser poster and synopsis for "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" were recently released, as per ComicBookMovie. Although the sequel's description doesn't offer much information about what could happen, the poster certainly confirms that Colin Firth is very much a part of the film. The image shows what appears to be Harry Hart holding his trusty umbrella beside Eggsy, who is clutching a whip in his hand. There are speculations that Firth might appear in a flashback or as Harry's long-lost twin brother (really?) who might already be working for Statesman.

There are theories surrounding Harry Hart's return, but is it possible that Colin Firth might not be playing Eggsy's mentor at all. Some believe that Firth will appear as a Statesman agent who resembles Harry. Fans are welcome to sound off on this "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" theory in the comments section below.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Colin Firth's comeback is the possibility that he will appear in another church scene. In the first film, a mind-controlled Harry Hart took on murderous churchgoers, literally obliterating his enemies in one of the most awesomely violent action sequences in cinematic history (via YouTube). Hopefully, a similar scene will appear in "Kingsman: The Golden Circle". The sequel's release  date has not yet been announced. Keep checking CeleBeat for more updates on upcoming movies.

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