'Dragon Ball Super' Update: More Details About the Demon Realm and the Six Lost Angels

6:37 AM EDT 4/3/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"Dragon Ball Super" has received overall positive reviews from audiences and its animation quality has been praised the most. It has also been praised with its laid back plotline and when it first premiered, it was pretty much considered as a slice of life episode. With the Universal Survival Arc almost at its peak, there are still many things that the popular anime series has not yet unveiled. While the showrunners previously teased these topics, their introduction to the arc remains unknown.

Apparently, most "Dragon Ball Super" fans were shocked when it was revealed that there are multiple Gods of Destruction. It can be recalled that there are spoilers for episode 85, which suggest that the Gods of Destruction will conspire against Beerus and Goku to destroy Universe 7. Whether or not this will happen comes April 9, fans may wonder what are those things that the series have yet to unveil.

This means that there are still a lot of things to reveal in "Dragon Ball Super." One of these is the Demon Realm also known as the Dark Realm. It is where the evil lives and this spooky place can be found at the tip of the Universe. Its closest comparison is the evil Kai, which is Zamasu and according to Toei Animation, the evil kai in the Demon Realm is called the Makaioshin.

The Demon Realm was previously teased in "Dragon Ball Super" when Goku and his team fought against Dabura. Fans believe that each universe has its own Demon Realm. This means that there are indeed many of them that exist.

Another thing that "Dragon Ball Super" has yet to cover would be the six lost angels. Reports say that once a certain universe's God of Destruction dies, its Angel will also lose its power. It is said an Angel will only make a comeback once there is already a new God of Destruction. Meanwhile, a YouTube video shows that they are still unidentified but if the same rules are applied to the Omni King Tournament, they should still be alive.

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