'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Finally Reveals Survivors for Season Finale

6:42 AM EDT 4/3/2017 by Audrey Liza M. Nolasco, Celebeat Reporter

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It was a never-ending guessing game. Some got it right, some, not quite. But one thing's for sure, the season 7 finale of "The Walking Dead" on Sunday finally brought on some new found hope for its viewers.

Basically, the remaining crew made it including Rick and Michonne. Everyone mourned the loss of Sasha, but it had to be done. Fans saw it coming a long time ago and this prediction indeed came to pass on "The Walking Dead" season 7 episode 16 per New York Times.

Sasha felt there was only one person that needed to die at this point, so she knew it was going to be worth it. So Sasha arrived in Alexandria in her zombified state. This was supposed to give an edge to those who were dead set on surviving. She took down Negan along with the others. After a blaze of firefighting and some wild-cat attacking, Negan was shown fleeing the scene. Finally, the end of a tyrant (or, is it?). "The Walking Dead" is known for its countless cliffhangers and misleading plots, one can never be sure what's coming up.

Now, who could ever forget Glenn's gruesome, brutal death on "The Walking Dead" season 7 premiere? No one seems to want to remember because it was simply too much to take in one sitting. In Glenn's memory, his character was given reference all throughout the season. During the final moments of season 7, Rick said to Maggie that she made the right choice in joining the fight. She responded she made that decision ages that ago starting from the time that Glenn helped Rick out and Maggie was merely "following his lead". In her hand there appeared Glenn's watch, given to him by her dad. Viewers got so emotional about this scene. A lot of them took to Twitter to share their Kleenex moments per The Huffington Post.

Meanwhile, fans are dying to know if "The Walking Dead" season 7 finale finally got rid of Negan and is set on getting another brutal tormentor for the upcoming season. It's not such a bad idea considering some fans feel the show has already squeezed his character dry. Then again, what would the show be without the character everyone loves to hate?

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