Matthew Perry Chickens Out on a Rematch with Justin Trudeau

6:45 AM EDT 4/3/2017 by Audrey Liza M. Nolasco, Celebeat Reporter

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Matthew Perry made the right move and respectfully declined Justin Trudeau's invitation for a rematch. The Prime Minister is more than willing to prove that things are very much different now than when they were still in elementary school.

Matthew Perry who played the beloved Chandler in the nineties massive hit comedy "Friends" shared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" last month that he was one of Trudeau's childhood tormentors. The Prime Minister took to Twitter and said he'd also been pondering on punching Chandler and a rematch might be a good idea, per Daily News. However, Perry declined.

Matthew Perry said he'll pass at Trudeau's request considering he had the entire Canadian army at his disposal. The actor and the Canadian leader had all but forgotten how things were during their childhood days at Rockcliffe Park Public School. Chris Murray was also in fifth grade with them and it was he who reminded Perry of their naughty past. They both beat him up because he was excelling in a sport that they weren't. It jealousy that led them to it, Perry jokingly said.

Matthew Perry joked that he thinks their past was even instrumental to Trudeau's being Prime Minister today. He thought the Canadian politician told himself to rise above the situation and become Prime Minister one day per Aol. That's exactly what he did!

Meanwhile, Matthew Perry took on the role of Edward Kennedy alongside Katie Holmes who played Jackie Kennedy on "The Kennedys- After Camelot" miniseries. It follows the lives of Mrs. Kennedy and those closest to her and husband after President John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963.

Matthew Perry said he needed not only look the part but sound and feel the part as well. He was switching ages all the time. There are times when he played Ted at 38, then, 67, then back to 43 years old. He had to contend with lots of wigs and facial prosthetics to help him become Ted Kennedy on the set when filming per ABC News. A far cry from his funniest "Friends" character Chandler, back in the day.

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