'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 84 Revealed Krillin's New Fighting Techniques; Majin Buu & Jiren's Appearances Teased

9:02 AM EDT 4/4/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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The multiverse is gearing up for the Tournament of Power and Goku's recruitment journey has kicked off. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 84 showed the Saiyan, who visited Krillin and Android 18 in an attempt to have them in the team to join the tournament. Fans already know Goku's best friend's fighting abilities but they are more interested in seeing his wife fight when the tournament begins. The Androids are known for their powerful and unusual robotic skills.

A YouTube video for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 84 shows Goku and Gohan in their scouting adventure to recruit great fighters to join the Tournament of Power. The two went to Krillin and Android 18's place but the latter refused to join. However, when Goku lied to her that there will be huge prize money, she eventually agreed to join the team.

Gohan, on the other hand, had doubts with Krillin's fighting abilities especially that he has retired from fighting. So, the former challenged Krillin for a match with the rules of the Tournament of Power being applied, although it was a brief practice battle. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 84 has showed Krillin's new fighting technique, which apparently surprised Gohan.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 84 showed Krillin's surprise attack against Gohan by using his Solar Flare x 100. The practice battle allowed all fans to see how Goku's best friend would be able to keep with the stronger warrior but has lesser experience in fighting. As IGN points out, Krillin's power level can't simply match Goku's but highlighting how experienced and knowledgeable the former is, was a great stance.

Another YouTube video for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 84 showcased Goku asking Android 18 about her brother Android 17. This only means that the previous spoilers for episode 85 will surely happen, where Goku heads to Dende's temple searching for Android 17. However, he bumps into Majin Buu, who appears to be slimmed down and the two set off for a rematch. Additionally, Jiren is also being teased and is likely to appear in the next episode.

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