'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Could Bring Back Will Simpson To Face Trish Walker, Defenders Take On Nuke And IGH?

6:34 AM EDT 4/6/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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There is much excitement over "Jessica Jones" Season 2, which has reportedly started filming in New York earlier this week. But who will Krysten Ritter have to face now that David Tennant's Kilgrave is out of the picture? The Netflix series could bring back Will Simpson, Trish Walker's former would-be assassin and lover. Does this mean Will is finally going to turn into his comic book counterpart Nuke and lead IGH on a major battle against Jessica and her fellow Defenders?

Will Simpson was certainly an unexpected secret villain in the first season of "Jessica Jones". Although he was initially revealed to be under Kilgrave's command when he attempted to kill Trish Walker, Will later redeemed himself by trying to help her and Jessica capture the villain. Then all the good intentions went south when Trish finds out he is popping pills from IGH to become a super soldier and engages both Trish and Jessica in an epic fight (via YouTube). Will was taken away by the organization, which Trish was last seen investigating. Could this mean he will finally return as Nuke in "Jessica Jones" Season 2?

Wil Traval has recently confirmed on Twitter that he is headed for New York. The "Grimm" Season 6 guest star was immediately asked if he will rejoin Krysten Ritter and Rachael Taylor to film "Jessica Jones" Season 2. In true Marvel fashion, Traval insisted that he is going to NYC strictly for pizza, but who would believe him now that the series has started production? Could Will Simpson return as Nuke and go after Trish Walker?

There have long been speculations that Will Simpson will be one of the major villains in "Jessica Jones" Season 2. The character could finally take on his comic book persona Nuke and bring in more soldiers from IGH to defeat Jessica. Hopefully, the detective and her sister Trish Walker could find some allies (possibly the Defenders) to help them face the baddies when the show returns on Netflix next year.

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