Anne Hathaway as the Most Gorgeous Alien in 'Colossal'

9:39 AM EDT 4/7/2017 by Audrey Liza M. Nolasco, Celebeat Reporter

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Once again, Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway has proven she's one of the most versatile actresses in Hollywood. She's drop dead gorgeous and can make you cry your hearts out in serious roles like her Oscar snagger film "Les Miserables". But she can be super funny as well, as proven by her latest flick, "Colossal".

In the movie, Anne Hathaway plays the role of Gloria, a jobless train wreck who loves to drink. She gets kicked out by her boyfriend who is sick and tired of her carefree ways. Thus, she has no choice but to go back to her hometown and somehow fix her life, per USA Today. There, she will be reunited with childhood friend/ bar owner Oscar, and that's where their wild adventure begins.

In this sci-fi comedy by Spanish writer/director Nacho Vigalondo, Anne Hathaway discovers her ability to control an alien monster going berserk in South Korea, even when she's thousands of miles away from it. No one wants to believe her until she does a demo on the playground. She starts dancing and scratching her head, exactly the way the alien monster does it. This definitely blew up Oscar's and his friend's minds!

Controlling aliens is definitely challenging, but Anne Hathaway will be the first to tell you that being a mom is just as tricky, especially during diaper duty. She discussed this with Ellen Degeneres and "Colossal" co-star Jason Sudeikis when the duo guested to promote their latest film per Mail Online.

Anne Hathaway and husband Adam Shulman recently celebrated their son's first birthday and revealed that up until now, she doesn't use the pee pee tee pee. No wonder the baby's peed on her on a few occasions. The peepee teepees are those little small cones you put on your baby boy's thingy so that when he pees the pee pee tee pee and not your face absorbs your baby's wee-wee.

Sudeiki, a father himself of two kids with Olivia Wilde, said he never offered any parenting advice to Anne Hathaway who was pregnant during the shoot of their movie. He felt it was so easy for women to push these babies out of their bodies as long as the guys always have them ice chips handy!

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