Melania Trump’s First Lady Glamorous First Official Portrait: Black Jacket And Finger Ring Speaks A Lot

9:42 AM EDT 4/7/2017 by Amita Prakash. J, Celebeat Reporter

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 Melania Trump's passion for fashion is not a secret to the whole world. The fashion statement which she communicates through all her appearances makes her nothing less than a fashionista. On April 3, 2017, White House released the first official portrait of the First Lady and the lady looked fab.

 Melania Trump's first official portrait have received mixed remarks as it couldn't please everyone as such according to the Mirror. The portrait has been widely criticized for airbrushing and the pose of Melania given towards the camera compared to 2009's portrait of Michelle Obama. Melania gave her pose looking straight to the camera with her arms crossed.

 According to the Independent, Melania Trump's background as a former model and an owner of a jewelry line was radiating in the portrait. Melania Trump, 42, is clothed in white collar pussy-bow blouse and a black jacket crossing her arms with her diamond wedding ring on her finger.

 In the official White House Page, Melania Trump has given the advertisement of her jewelry company. She was criticized for the same and removed the ad immediately. Melania Trump's first portrait look was not digested by many people. For many the portrait contributes only to a culture of sexism.

 The crossed arms of Melania Trump in the portrait also sends out a negative image. The portraits of all other former First Ladies including Michelle Obama, Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush were more positive with open arms and a smile on their face. Melania Trump's portrait is completely a contrast to all the other former First Ladies portraits.

 Many body language experts claim that Melania Trump projects insecurities or defensive nature through such a posture. The posture can also be interpreted that, Melania wants to project herself as a powerful and independent figure. Melania flaunting her 25-carat diamond ring, which was a 10th-anniversary gift from her husband, Donald Trump as a sign of crumbling marriage.


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