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12:00 PM EDT 4/9/2017 by Cyril, Celebeat Reporter

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Following after "Iron Man 3"has ended with a scene where he laid his armor down, millions of fans have thought that it also marks the end for the man in a special suit. It can be recalled that the third part of Iron Man's story did not originally include the fourth sequel into its line-up. However, some unexpected announcement about the movie's alleged 4th installment may have just been indirectly confirmed by the lead star himself as he appears on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

According to Cinema Blend, in Marvel's previous statements, they have seemingly implied that Tony Stark might be replaced by Riri Williams for some reasons. On the other hand, Downey was found to have already been set to do another film as he reprises his role in "Sherlock Holmes 3." That said, if both films are to be pushed through, it looks like the actor may have work well with his schedule in order to make time for his lead role in Iron Man 4.

Furthermore, as per Gack Hollywood, what made a number of fans even more excited is after seeing an Instagram photo posted by Disney Star Skai Jackson together with new Spider-Man Tom Holland. Despite being a vague idea, speculations rise claiming that this has something to do with teasing the upcoming Iron Man 4, which seemed to have been strengthened after noticing Jackson's Iron Man connection. With this kind of connection, movie experts say that it would be easier for them to complement each other's story and what better way to hint the upcoming "Iron Man" movie than using social media.

As of the press time, Robert Downey Jr. is yet to comment on these reports but was found to have been doing "Spiderman Homecoming" and "Avengers Infinity War" among the line-up. Ultimately, despite not releasing a concrete statement, Downey has teased his fans that he might just be doing the fourth sequel after all these films will be done.


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