Snapchat Vs Facebook Update: Here are some Attempts of Mark Zuckerberg's FB to get rid of Evan Spiegel's Snapchat.

10:50 AM EDT 4/8/2017 by Lester Mondragon, Celebeat Reporter

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Competition is brewing between Facebook and Snapchat. Mark Zuckeberg's FB is trying to kill the competition by simply copying all its features so it can go back to its monopoly of social media, Evan Spiegel's Snapchat is staying afloat despite the attacks made by its competitor.

Negative publicity plagues Facebook's image in the social media community. The Shameless efforts it does just to kill Snapchat, clearly manifests that FB wants to control social media. Snapchat really is a threat to FB when a sizeable magnitude of surfer migration is seen in survey statistics. Other threats that FB sees, FB gets rid of or acquires.

A concrete example of an acquisition of FB is Instagram. Facebook buys the competition outright for $1 billion in 2012 just to stop it in its tracks from inflicting more damage on its social media monopoly. A couple of years later, FB once again shells out $19 billion to purchase WhatsApp upon recognizing it as a monopoly threat, reports BGR.

Before the acquisition of WhatsApp, MArk Zuckerberg 's Fb was trying to fix yet another social media challenge. This time its Evan Spiegel's SnapChat. Spiegel does not want to be under the wings of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg offered the Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel $3 billion to have it among the conquered protagonist.

Instead Spiegel chooses to be on its own and even be on the list in the New York Stock Exchange as SNAP, Inc. for $3.4 billion. Spiegel surrounded his team with top players that could contribute to the success of Snapchat. Today, Snapshot is worth $32 billion with 161 million daily active users, as reported by the Mercury News.

The Menlo Tech Firm is now trying to emulate Snapchat's new app feature by equipping its copycat format with camera filters and ephemeral sharing features exactly like Snapchat's "stories". In order for Snapchat to reel away from the aping technique of FB; it has a new app for FB to challenge again. The new app is known as "Spectacles". Time and social media users will tell if FB will go after this new app, reports Feedough.

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