'Dragon Ball Super': Jiren the Gray Might Have the Ki of Gods; Here's Why

7:00 AM EDT 4/10/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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He is the strongest fighter in Universe 11 and even stronger than Toppo. The muscular alien-like humanoid Jiren is said to surpass the combined powers of Goku and Toppo. He was chosen to enter the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power alongside the Pride Troopers. This is one reason why his team is the biggest threat not only to Universe 7 but to all universes.

Goku has been seen scouting for powerful warriors of Universe 7 to join his team in entering the Tournament of Power. Universe 7 might have Vegeta and other powerful fighters but they may need extensive training to prepare for the worse. Jiren's participation in the martial arts tournament is one big threat to everyone and it's a reason to be worried.

In a "Dragon Ball Super" preview shared on YouTube, the Tournament of Power is being showcase and Jiren was teased meditating in the dark with a bizarre energy surrounding his body. His fighting techniques include Flight, Ki Blast and Power Impact. His Flight technique enables him to fly through the power of Ki. As for the Ki Blast, it is the most basic way of energy attacks while the Power Impact enables him to fire a Ki Blast in the form of a fireball.

The energy that surrounds Jiren's body is somewhat similar to Toppo's when he was going head-to-head against Goku. However, Toppo's aggressive and stable energy is different from the Divine Ki. With his meditation and strange energy that surrounds his body being synchronized with his mind, fans speculate that he may have the Ki of the Gods. However, others say that it wouldn't be possible because the Gods of Destruction, the Supreme Kai and the Angels are the only deities in "Dragon Ball Super."

"Dragon Ball Super" experts say Jiren might have a Ki, which is the same to the Gods but as Toppo revealed, the muscular humanoid is the strongest fighter in Universe 11. Meanwhile, Comic Book reports that Goku and Android 17 will soon fight for the first time after talking about old times. However, it's unclear how the two end up fighting.

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