Kim Kardashian's Wealth Slides, Beyonce the most bankable Celebrity in Social Media

9:21 AM EDT 4/10/2017 by Lester Mondragon, Celebeat Reporter

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There are more income streams on the internet for the rich and famous. The rich and the richer are getting a load of these income streams by just a few taps on their iPhones. A single tweet could earn a celebrity so much depending on how popular she is in social media to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.

Kim Kardashian could twit an endorsement and easily earn herself $10,000 by a few minutes on her phone. She has 87.1 million Instagram fans, 18.7 million on twitter and 29.6 million on Facebook by 2016. Information Overload reports that Kim is no longer in the roster of top famous celebrities on social media. It is now Beyonce who is on the top spot of the list.

Beyonce eclipsed other celebrities and broke the chain to be on top. Her pregnancy posts got the attention of her fans that set a new record back in Feb. 2017. It was the most loved photo appearance that Instagram ever witnessed in their monitoring charts. It siphoned 10.8 million likes in just a few short hours. Her Instagram posts now cost a mind-blowing $1 million each.

Selena Gomez also has plenty to tell of her Instagram photo sipping a Coke. The image captures the attention of 6.6 million likes as it is an ad and coke being its sponsor. Beyonce got through this one and now is the most bankable star in social media.

Kim Kardashian is not going to go bust. It's just that her popularity is ebbing. Is this a sign that she is not a solid product endorser anymore? After Kim's robbery experience, her social media likability lost traction and fans aren't as active on her twitter posts as before. Estimates of looted items rang up to £8.5 million, reports The Sun.

In social media, more followers mean more dollars. Kim Kardashian top A listing made her a whopping $51 million in 2016. Endorsements comes in $200,000 to $300,000 dollars a pop for these top social media celebrities, reports Forbes.

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