'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Pretty Launch Might Disguise as Yurin to Romantically Follow Tien Shinhan; Piccolo Promises Special Training for Gohan

9:11 AM EDT 4/13/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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Recently, Gohan and Goku's scouting for powerful warriors in Universe 7 took a backseat as the latest "Dragon Ball Super" episode has showcased the preparations of the other universes. Universe 6 is simultaneously gearing up with Universe 11. Champa is also desperate in asking for more Saiyans to join his team and Toppo's team remains the strongest in the Tournament of Power. The next episodes will see Gohan training with Piccolo once again and an old timer is reportedly to make a comeback.

The Omni-Kings have set up the martial arts Tournament of Power and the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episodes will showcase the comeback of some fan-favorite characters like Piccolo. The Namekian warrior will train Gohan once again in preparation for the upcoming tournament. Despite of having been surpassed his master's power, Gohan is still willing to train with Piccolo because he knows that the latter is an expert strategist.

Piccolo doesn't have a Saiyan blood but as Comic Book points out, the Namekian warrior is a wise strategist. He used to be Goku's ruthless foe but because of Goku's firstborn son Gohan, the two powerful warriors became good friends after Piccolo built a strong bond with the younger Saiyan. Gohan is well aware how strong and powerful their opponents are in "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power. To become stronger than what he already is, he asks the green alien to train him.

Since he has trained Gohan before, Piccolo promised the former a special training for him to be well-equipped comes the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power. Episode 88 is titled "Gohan and Piccolo! Master and Student Train to Their Limit!." It is still unclear how their training would go but fans believe that it would be a great episode.

Meanwhile, famed "Dragon Ball Super" source Geekdom101 revealed that Launch or Lunch is finally returning but she is disguising as the beautiful Yurin. There are speculations that she is in love with Tien Shinhan and only disguising to get her hands on him. She is said to appear during Goku's visit to Master Roshi to have him in the team to join the Tournament of Power.

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