'Ex-Lakers HoopStar' Lamar Odom Drug Addiction Confession, Khloe Kardashian Failed Marriage

11:21 AM EDT 4/17/2017 by Lester Mondragon, Celebeat Reporter

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"Ex-Lakers HoopStar" Lamar Odom, now sober and on his way to recovery from a fatal drug overdose is happy to be alive. That unfortunate night of October 2015, in a brothel with two women seemed to be the last thing he remembered before passing out. Four days later, he awoken and struggled to pull out the tubes from his body.

"Ex Lakers HoopStar" Lamar Odom said that he is a walking miracle and is thankful to be off on drugs. He further stated that his kids are most instrumental in his fight against cocaine addiction. It's when he broke up with Khloe Kardashian that his use of the illegal substance increased his addiction. He narrated that he does not want to train anymore when he is under the influence of cocaine.

The addiction to cocaine is a factor that hastened the end of his basketball career. Back in 2011, Khloe Kardashian caught him sniffing the drug and that was the beginning of the end of their marriage. As of 2009, "Ex-Laker Hoopstar" Lamar Odom was a regular mainstay at their TV program "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". The program later had a spin off and became "Khloe and Lamar".

But, the popularity has its own effect to human weaknesses. The fame leads to extra-marital relationships with other women that are drawn to popularity. "Ex-Laker Hoopstar"Lamar Odom succumbed to multiple relationships while married to Khloe Kardashian reported The Washington Post.

All the while, "Ex-Laker Hoopstar" Lamar Odom confessed his adulterous act with other women yet remains married to Khloe Kardashian. He also kept his drug obsession from her till he was caught sniffing cocaine in 2011. In an interview with US Weekly's Ian Drew, he detailed his long list of regrets and could have beens. But that's a little bit late after ruining his career, marriage, and almost took his life, reports NESN.

"The Ex-Lakers Hoopstar" Lamar Odom has completed his rehab program behind him and is on his way to being sober. He is now dating Cleveland Cavaliers Center Tristian Thompson. In his interviews, he confessed that the one thing that he deeply regrets is having multiple affairs with women. He added that he wishes that he could have kept his manhood behind closed doors, reports NBA Lead.

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