Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Dating: 'Sleepless' Actor, 'Dawson Creek' Actress Fed Up with the Hiding Game, Makes Relationship Public

10:07 AM EDT 4/15/2017 by Lester Mondragon, Celebeat Reporter

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"Sleepless" actor Jamie Foxx and "Dawson Creek" actress Katie Holmes find it frustrating in keeping their relationship a secret. The stressful hiding game has taken its toll between the secret lovers. They now want to go public with it.

One of the reasons why "Sleepless" actor Jamie Foxx and "Dawson Creek" actress Katie Holmes want to keep the relationship out of the public is Jamie and Tom Cruise has a bond that was made during their working relationship in the movie "Collateral" back in 2004. Jamie is caring for their bond not to end. He is afraid that Tom Cruise might be furious if he learns of the relationship with his former wife, Katie Holmes.

Another reason is the divorce clause of Katie and Tom, if there is any, that Katie cannot date anyone for five years. If there is truth in the said divorce clause or not, the five-year subject is about to end, News Australia reported.

After four years of dating, which is at the end of the divorce clause, "Sleepless" actor Jamie Foxx and "Dawson Creek" actress Katie Holmes are ready to go public with their relationship. No more of the paparazzi dodging and enough of the hiding game. Their evasive tactics are not as effective as they are still getting caught with their trysts. They traveled via tinted cars, the most remote villas they can find with private paths, using private back elevators to isolate themselves from public view,  New York Daily News reported.

"Sleepless" actor Jamie Foxx and "Dawson;s Creek" actress Katie Holmes are done keeping the relationship secret. After the long wait and the mutual talks they had, the decision to go public is a consensus. A source says that they are exclusive to themselves sighting the secret meeting they had, a new Year's celebration to Miami and a Mexican getaway to avoid scanners monitoring their trips and dates, U.S. Magazine reported.

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