'Dragon Ball Super' Update: Find out the Origins of Each Universe's Gods of Destruction, Supreme Kais and Their Angels

6:02 AM EDT 4/17/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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After how many "Dragon Ball Super" episodes that focused mainly on Goku's scouting for powerful warriors in Universe 7 to enter the Tournament of Power, Universe 6 and Universe 11 were showcased in the last few episodes of the series. So far, Goku has convinced his best friend Krillin as well as Android 18 to join the team but it looks like Android 17 refuses. The universes' mortal level rankings have been released and now, more details on all Gods of Destruction, Angels and the Supreme Kais are also revealed.

The "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power will only have eight participating universes instead of 12 as the other four are exempted from elimination. Universe 1, Universe 5, Universe 8 and Universe 12 are the four strongest universes despite that fact that Universe 11 has the most powerful warrior on Earth, Jiren The Gray. Over on YouTube, the Supreme Kais and Angels of some universes appear to be a whole lot better.

However, it's still uncertain if the Supreme Kais and the Gods of Destruction in "Dragon Ball Super" are related or not. Most fans already know the Angels from Universe 6, Universe 7 and Universe 11. Although they do have different qualities, they still have the ability to defeat their Gods of Destruction respectively.

In "Dragon Ball Super," Universe 3's God of Destruction is the robot Mosco and Campari, his attendant, is the only one who can understand him. According to Toei Animation, Kitara, Universe 4's God of Destruction seems to have the defence against Viruses. Its Supreme Kai, Kuru is known for being arrogant.

Universe 5 in "Dragon Ball Super" has Arak as its God of Destruction, who destroys anything that gets in the way. Its Supreme Kai, Ogama is exactly the opposite, who is gentle and reminds Arak all the time that balancing the power and intelligence is important. Its Angel, Kuchatel is extremely observant and a thinker.

Universe 8 is said to be the strongest among the 12 "Dragon Ball Super" universes and its God of Destruction is extremely determined. Its Supreme Kai, II is passionate with creating plans, which makes their universe greater compared to others and its attendant, Korn is one of the dreadful angels in the multiverse. Universe 10's God of Destruction is Ramoushi, who is known for being lazy and its Supreme Kai, Gowath is the oldest Kai. Kudzu Vine, its attendant is the smallest Angel.

Universe 12 in "Dragon Ball Super" has Gene as the cruellest God of Destruction. It is said that he destroys everything that's against the Gods' will in his Universe. Its Supreme Kai, Ag is not actually concern with their universe. Same goes with Martine, the Universe 12's Angel.

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