'One Direction' Member Breakaway Harry Styles Made Breakout Performance 'Sign of the Times'

7:12 PM EDT 4/18/2017 by Lester Mondragon, Celebeat Reporter

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"One Direction" former member Harry Styles had never thought that their boy band would shatter with Simon Cowell at the helm of their careers. He was even quoted as saying "who would ever think of going solo when you have a very successful band with you."

It all started when Zayn Malik, another former member of "One Direction", made his move to call it quits with the boy band last 2015. The group laid low for a while; then others moved in different directions of their musical careers. Harry Styles separated from 'One Direction' after Zayn Malik and signed a solo contract last June 2016. Following Harry Styles' strides was Liam Payne with a recording contract with Capitol in July, and Niall Horan also signing his musical contract last September.

Last April 7, 2017, Harry Styles released his first solo debut single titled "Sign of the Times" on Saturday Night Live hosted by Jack Fallon. Harry waited for six days before announcing the date of its release - May 12, 2017. Rob Stringer, Columbia Records Head Honcho, earlier tipped Styles' followers last February of the album's indefinite date of release, as reported by The Telegraph.

In one of Harry Styles' guest performances on Saturday Night Live, he was asked to play a song of legendary artist Mick Jagger which he did with flying colors. He did this complete with Jagger's mannerisms and style. Harry Styles also did sketch appearances and in one of those sketches, he performed one of his songs "Ever Since New York", a track from his upcoming solo album, as reported by Rolling Stone.

Harry Styles' rendition of "Sign of the Times" was emotionally packed. The Huffington Post reported that the track made its first debut on his friend's Nick Grimshaw BBC 1 Breakfast Show last April 7. The album, timed for five minutes and 40 seconds, got the level of a John Lennon and David Bowie performance, according to his pal, Nick Grimshaw.

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