‘Prison Break' Season 5 Updates: Did Michael Scofield Really Died? That And More, Inside

12:05 PM EDT 4/18/2017 by Cyril, Celebeat Reporter

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Years after the iconic TV series has come to an end, "Prison Break" season 5 is now back while also showing that Michael Scofield is alive and not dead, for now. Unfortunately, as the show's creator Paul Scheuring has put it into his own words, it was found that "Prison Break" will only have nine episodes. That said, given that the nine-episode series is allegedly set to tell a concise, closed-ended story, a number of the show's fans are now bothered if Scofield will make it until the last episode of the series.

The Nine Episodes Of 'Prison Break' Season 5

According to Metro, the move of having just nine episodes in "Prison Break" season 5 reportedly marks a significant change from the 22-episode runs that fans have been used to seeing. With that, the show's upcoming fifth season is said to pick up where it has ended, seven years after Michael's alleged death, as the old gang are brought back together for yet another great escape. That said, as it has long been a tradition, it should be noted that from the show's previous four seasons, escaping prison is always just the beginning.

Furthermore, The Daily Express reports that while Michael's resurrection wasn't a surprise anymore, the highly anticipated "Prison Break" season 5 allegedly shows his new identity. As it turns out, Michael's new persona has left a number of fans stunned after seeing that Michael had already forgotten who he was. It was found that he has reportedly lost his memory when the former structural engineer turned away from his brother Lincoln Burrows while rescuing him from Ogygia prison in Yemen, claiming not to know him.

Meanwhile, show runners have revealed that the new nine-episode series will air on Monday nights at 9pm from 10 April including its new cast. Additionally, entitled as "Ogygia," the premiere of "Prison Break" season 5  is set to feature the arrival of fan favorite and loveable crook Fernando Sucre who showed up after knowing that Michael needed rescuing from the Yemeni prison.


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