'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Evil Majin Buu's Reincarnation; Female Broly's Character Design Revealed

6:16 AM EDT 4/19/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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The latest "Dragon Ball Super" episode featured the fight of the two powerful warriors in Universe 7. Most fans were in awe when Toei Animation delivered Goku and Android 17's fight flawlessly and its animation was praised the most. The Tournament of Power is almost near and the universes are already gearing up for the highly anticipated battle of royal. With this, Female Broly, who will be joining one of the universes; possibly Universe 6 and her character design have also been revealed.

Before the two powerful warriors' meet-up for the first time in "Dragon Ball Super," Goku had to ask Dende, the Earth guardian for help to locate Android 17. It can be recalled that Dende told Goku that he knows a talented young man who can excel in martial arts. In a YouTube video, Dende then asked Goku to train the boy as he is destined to be a strong and powerful warrior since he is Kid Buu or known as evil Majin Buu's reincarnation. Fans can remember that the young boy, known as Super Uub became the student of Goku in "Dragon Ball Z."

During the Universe 6 Saga in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 30, Vegeta and Goku were scouting for martial artists. The king of all ogres who judge the dead, King Yemma said that Kid Buu has reincarnated. However, he is still young to fight and cannot participate in any tournament just yet.

Meanwhile, one of the "Dragon Ball Super" hot topics these days is the Female Broly, who will presumably join Universe 6. Champa has ordered Cabba that he wants more Saiyans and fans know the latter can recruit the Female Broly, who has Broly's physique, hair and glowing eyes. On Twitter, Todd Blankenship @Herms98 shared the new character design for the Female Broly.

"Dragon Ball Super" creator Akira Toriyama revealed that the female Saiyan, who is yet to be named has no tail and is still tight-lipped of her origin. However, as what fans have been guessing, she must be from Universe 6 and will represent the team in the Tournament of Power. This is yet to be confirmed in the next few episodes.

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