'Vikings' Season 5 Predictions SPOILERS: Which Major Character Will Die When Show Returns To History?

10:49 AM EDT 4/19/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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The updates on "Vikings" Season 5 continue to be few and far between but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating on what will happen next when the show returns this year. Could Ragnar Lothbrok return despite his death in the previous season? More importantly, which major character will be next to bite the dust in the History series? Will another son of Ragnar end up dead in the fifth season?

The previous season of "Vikings" certainly had plenty of major kills, but there were three that stood out to the fans. The death of Ragnar Lothbrok certainly had people shocked while King Ecbert's suicide had some wondering if the tyrant still has one trick up his sleeve. The Season 4 finale also featured Ivar the Boneless' murder of his own brother Sigurd, but could another son of Ragnar get killed off in "Vikings" Season 5?

There are speculations that another son of Ragnar Lothbrok will be dead before the conclusion of the upcoming season. Some believe that it could be Ubbe or Hvitserk, or perhaps even the legendary Bjorn Ironside. Although it is still unclear which son will meet his end, it is quite obvious that Ivar the Boneless will survive for a long time. After all, Alex Hogh Andersen has just posted a video on Instagram confirming that he is once again working on "Vikings" Season 5. The post shows the young actor enjoying the view in Luggala in Ireland, where the show is being filmed.

Ragnar Lothbrok's sons might be fighting for their lives, but there is hope that the former king could be back to guide them in "Vikings" Season 5. CeleBeat has previously reported on several speculations that Travis Fimmel might have a cameo in the series, which is expected to return to History by summer.

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