'My Hero Academia' Season 2 Spoilers: Students Target Izuku to Earn 10 Million Points

8:17 AM EDT 4/20/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"My Hero Academia" follows the story of a boy named Izuku Midoriya, who was born in a world where everyone has superpowers but him. Despite this, he still dreams to become a superhero and enrolls in a high school for heroes in training. The previous episode has showcased the competition between students, striving to get into the first place. In the upcoming episode, Izuku and the rest of the students' competition for the second round of the tournament will be more exciting and nerve-racking.

Titled "Strategy! Strategy! Strategy!," the forthcoming episode of the second season of "My Hero Academia" will introduce the second round of the sports fest that will introduce the Human Cavalry Battle. In a YouTube video, it reveals that there are only 42 students remaining to compete against each other. These students will be divided into four different teams.

In the previous episode of "My Hero Academia," Izuku was showcased in the first round with extreme competitiveness and spoilers reveal that students don't want to team up with him in the second round. In Sports Festival Arc, each team will earn points by grabbing headbands from their opponents. The number of points of each student's worth depends on their placement in the Obstacle Race.

Apparently, Izuku takes the first place in "My Hero Academia" sports fest and is not included in the points rule. However, he is worth ten million points, which he finds horrible. That said, Izuku will be the main target of the second round as they can earn ten million points if they can grab his headband.

There are theories from "My Hero Academia" experts indicating that Izuku will extensively plan for strategies to keep his opponents from grabbing his headband. Fans might be wondering if he can still get hold of his headband away from the attacks. A YouTube video indicates that his only alternative to keep his headband is to make use of his Quirk.

These theories will be confirmed as soon as "My Hero Academia" season 2 episode 4 airs on April 22. Meanwhile, the second season picks up a total of 25 episodes. It will be available in Blu-Ray/DVD with eight volumes.

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