'Dragon Ball Super' Episodes 88 - 89: Piccolo Extensively Trains Gohan; Mysterious Character Yurin Could Be Female Broly

8:41 AM EDT 4/21/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power is just around the corner and the eight participating teams are already gearing up for the highly-anticipated battle of royal. The latest episode has showcased Goku and Android 17's fight, which was delivered flawlessly with its animation being praised the most. The upcoming episodes will showcase Gohan's training with his master Piccolo in preparation for the tournament. A mysterious character is also said to make an appearance in the next episode.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 88 titled "Gohan and Piccolo, The Master and the Disciples Intense Training to the Limit" will see the Namekian warrior, whom Comic Book described as a no pushover, will extensively train Gohan. The younger Saiyan has not been practicing martial arts as he's been busy studying to be a scholar. Goku needs powerful warriors to defend Universe 7 in the upcoming Tournament of Power and Gohan is definitely a candidate.

In a YouTube video, Gohan is seen asking Piccolo in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 88 to train him once again despite the fact that he has surpassed his master's power before. Piccolo will definitely do anything he can to train the younger Saiyan to his limit for him to be great enough comes the Tournament of Power. Apparently, Universe 11 is the strongest participating team in the tournament as they have the strongest fighter on Earth, Jiren The Gray. Thus, it only makes sense for Universe 7 to be anxious about it.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 89 is titled "A Mysterious Beauty Appears! The Mystery of the Tenshin-Style Dojo?" that sees a mysterious character named Yurin. Theories have it that she can transform into a Super Saiyan and she is only disguising to get her hands on Tien. Some experts believe that she is actually Launch, who is romantically chasing Tien.

Moreover, some "Dragon Ball Super" experts also said that Yurin could also be the Female Broly as she has been introduced in the Universal Survival arc. Recently, creator Akira Toriyama has revealed the character design of the Female Broly, who appears to have two forms. This means that she could also be Yurin, who can transform into a Super Saiyan.

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