'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Here Are the Strategies That Universe 7 Should Do to Win in the Tournament of Power

9:07 PM EDT 4/23/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power is almost here and the universes are already working hard in preparation for the deadly martial arts tournament. Goku has been scouting for the most powerful warriors in Universe 7, where he successfully convinced his best friend Krillin to join the team. Krillin's wife, Android 18 is also joining after Goku lied to her that there will be huge prize money. Universe 7 may have the powerful warriors but Universe 11 is unarguably stronger because it has the most powerful warrior on Earth, Jiren The Gray.

Theories have it that strategy is more significant than strength to win in the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power. Goku has the ability to teleport his enemies but it appears that he is hesitant in using this power. However, one expert believes that if Goku finds his team almost being taken down comes the tournament, he must decide to use this power to survive. Goku would be able to teleport his enemies outside the battle arena and once they're out, they are unable to fly back inside as the Munokai disables this skill.

Should Android 17 decide to join Universe 7 to enter the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power, he would certainly be a great help to the team. Gohan may be training hard with Piccolo but each of the Universe 7 team members should be efficient enough with their strategies to win. Spoilers also say that Majin Buu can turn his opponents into chocolates and can also turn them back into their former state.

Additionally, "Dragon Ball Super" experts also say that Universe 7 should use the Taiyoken power. This is a solar flare that Ten Shin Han first used and can make an opponent go blind. Fans believe that if Universe 7 uses this power, winning the tournament is just as easy as a piece of cake.

Over on YouTube, "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers also suggest that Universe 7 will be joined by the King of Saiyans of Planet Sadla of Universe 6. It can be recalled that Planet Sadla is originally from Universe 7. However, when it was destroyed, the inhabitants went to Universe 6.

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