'Star Wars Rebels' Season 4 Predictions SPOILERS: Ahsoka Tano Possibly Confirmed, Major Reunion With Ghost Crew Set For Final Season

9:06 PM EDT 4/23/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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There are only a few "Star Wars" characters that can boast of hundreds of devoted fans. Not surprisingly, one of those heroes happens to be Ahsoka Tano, who went from being Anakin Skywalker's whiny Padawan to a powerful enemy to Darth Vader. But is there any hope that Ahsoka will make another major appearance soon? There are speculations that the Togruta non-Jedi will return in "Star Wars Rebels" Season 4. Is Ahsoka set for a major reunion with the Ghost crew in the animated show's final season?

It's no surprise that fans are expecting Ahsoka Tano to make an appearance in "Star Wars Rebels" Season 4. After all, Anakin's former Padawan was last seen facing off with Darth Vader himself in the animated series. Although there are speculations that Vader killed Ahsoka at the conclusion of the second season, most fans still believe that Ahsoka is alive and well and will be back in the final season. Luckily, Ashley Eckstein is one of these believers. The woman who provides Ahsoka's voice has spoken up on the possibility that her character will return in the Disney XD series.

Ashley Eckstein recently addressed the possibility of Ahsoka Tano's return at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando (via Yahoo Movies). The voice actress stated that Ahsoka's current neutral status suggests that her story is far from over. "She's not on the Dark Side, she's not a Jedi, she's not even a full-blown Rebel," Eckstein said. So what will happen to the missing Togruta? "You'll see Ahsoka again," Eckstein promised. Does this mean she will be reunited with the Ghost crew in "Star Wars Rebels" Season 4?

The uncertainty of Ahsoka Tano's survival certainly suggests that her story will continue beyond the final season of "Star Wars Rebels". CeleBeat has previously reported on which characters will survive in the animated series and although Ahsoka hasn't been a part of the third season, there is hope she will be back to prove she survived the fight against Darth Vader. "Star Wars Rebels" Season 4 is expected to premiere on Disney XD later this year.

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