'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Gohan's Mystical State; Goku Recruits Master Roshi & Tien Shinhan but Yurin Gets in the Way

11:07 AM EDT 4/24/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power is just around the corner and all eight participating universes are already gearing up for the deadly martial arts tournament. Apparently, almost everyone is rooting for Universe 7 but that doesn't mean its warriors are already the strongest. Gohan has not been practicing martial arts as he has been busy studying to be a scholar but since he is joining the tournament, he will have to do everything to protect his home. The upcoming episode sees the Saiyan training to the limit with his master Piccolo in preparation for the tournament.

The infamous "Dragon Ball Super" source, Geekdom101 indicates that episode 89 sees Gohan levelling up his powers to the extent that it reaches its mystical state. As previously revealed, the Namekian warrior will train Gohan extensively and the episode's synopsis indicates that Piccolo will be extracting more of Gohan's power. Some fans also believe that because of the extensive training, Gohan might surpass Goku's power.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 89 spoilers also suggest that Goku will recruit Tien and Master Roshi. However, a trouble will get in the way and according to Comic Book, it could be about the mysterious character that has been a hot topic these past weeks. It is said that while Goku tries to speak with Master Roshi, a beautiful girl named Yurin will not make things easy for Goku.

Another "Dragon Ball Super" spoiler also suggests that Master Roshi goes crazy with Yurin. This causes Goku to have difficulties in trying to convince him to join the team to enter the Tournament of Power. As Goku is desperate in getting more members to complete his team, it is said that he will get Tien's help to cast the spell out from Master Roshi.

Moreover, "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers also indicate that Goku will also ask Tien Shinhan to join the team in the Tournament of Power. Tien might be convinced to join too but they will have to do something to get Master Roshi out of the spell. Yurin, on the other hand, is reportedly could be the Female Broly, whose character design was just released.

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