'Dragon Ball Super' Episodes 91 - 92 Spoilers: All 8 Participating Universes Summoned at the Venue; Majin Buu Misses the Tournament

4:01 AM EDT 4/26/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power is almost here and apparently, all eight participating universes are already hard at work to ensure their winning in the Battle of Royal. Goku is said to recruit Master Roshi and Tien in the upcoming episode while Piccolo trains Gohan extensively to extract more of his power. Universe 11 has Jiren The Gray, who is considered as the strongest fighter among all universes but will he really surpass the power of the Saiyans? Recently, some details of the upcoming 91 and 92 episodes have been released, revealing some exciting events pertaining to everyone's favorite characters.

Apparently, fans are thrilled with the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power and while most fans are expecting to see the highly-anticipated Battle of Royal very soon, it appears that it wouldn't be the case. A reliable source of the anime series, MaSTAR Media recently predicted that with the latest updates for the series, the deadly martial arts tournament might take place in June. This is in contrast to most fans' expectations that the tournament will happen in May.

Titled "The Mightiest Warriors Assemble," "Dragon Ball Super" episode 91 spoilers reveal that it will showcase all eight participating universes in the venue, where the Tournament of Power takes place. It can be recalled that there are only eight universes joining as the other four strongest universes are safe from elimination. Universe 7, however, is sad to be in a pinch about its team members.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 92 titled "All The Members Aren't Here?" sees a team member from Universe 7 missing the Tournament of Power. In a thread on Reddit, some experts believe that it would be Majin Buu, who can't participate in the tournament. Fans believe that because of his extensive training, Majin Buu might oversleep from too much exhaustion and will miss the tournament.

"Dragon Ball Super episode 90 airs on May 14 while episode 91 airs on May 21. As for episode 92, it is expected to air on May 28. Stay tuned to Celebeat for more entertainment updates.

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