'Dragon Ball Super' Updates: Goku, Hit & Jiren the Gray's Powers; Who Is the Strongest?

6:28 AM EDT 4/26/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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The upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power has a total of eight participating universes out of 12 as the other four strongest universes are all safe from elimination. Everyone is apparently rooting for Universe 7 that has Goku, Gohan, Krillin and all other powerful warriors in the said universe. Universe 6 has the infamous assassin Hit while Universe 11, of course, has Jiren The Gray but who is really the strongest fighter? Goku, Hit or Jiren The Gray?

The strengths and powers of these three warriors in "Dragon Ball Super" have already been discussed among all fans of the popular anime series. Jiren The Gray, the muscular alien-like humanoid is reportedly to surpass Toppo and Goku's combined powers. He has been showcased in a YouTube video meditating, surrounded by a strange energy in his body. His fighting skills include Ki Blast, Flight and Power Impact.

"Dragon Ball Super" experts believe that the energy surrounding Jiren's body was also seen in Toppo during his fight against Goku. With the strange energy that surround Jiren's body and is being synchronized with his mind, some fans believe that he may have the Ki of Gods. Others though, believe that it's not possible because the only deities are the Gods of Destruction, Supreme Kai and the Angels. Experts say that he may have a Ki that is similar to that of the Gods.

Meanwhile, Goku is known for possessing two different forms in "Dragon Ball Super" - the Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken and the Super Saiyan God. These two forms can apparently create terrible damages but everyone knows that the Saiyan has always something up his sleeves. In a YouTube video, he was about to break his limit during his practice battle with Toppo but The Grand Priest stopped the match.

As for the Legendary Assassin, Hit in "Dragon Ball Super," he is known for being quiet and intimidating. He has the Time Skipping skill, which is one of the best techniques in the famous anime series. Hit has not unleashed his total capability just yet but fans are looking forward to it comes the Tournament of Power.

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