‘Scream’ Season 3 Spoilers: Reboot Will Feature New Cast, Plot & Location: What Happened To Brandon James?

8:12 AM EDT 4/27/2017 by Lauren Duffy, Celebeat Reporter

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"Scream" Season 3 will be undergoing a reboot, which means that the MTV drama will feature an entirely new cast, plot, and location. While most of the questions from the Season 2 cliffhanger were already answered during the special episode, many fans are still hoping to get the answer surrounding Brandon James. Is he still alive?

Spoilers ahead! Continue reading if you want to learn more about the details of this story.

"Scream" Season 3 reboot will officially take place featuring a new cast, location, story as well as showrunners. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the six-episode season of the MTV drama will be doing a major shift in its entire plot, as the show will reportedly focus on a "less white" story.

This may be taken as the network's response to the low ratings from Seasons 1 to 2. While many were expecting that MTV will cancel "Scream" for good by airing a Halloween special, many were surprised when the network renewed the series for Season 3.

Answers to the Season 2 cliffhanger were mostly resolved through the Halloween special. Unfortunately, one question was left unanswered and many were expecting to hear the answer on "Scream" Season 3: "Is Brandon James still alive?" as the character appeared to still be alive in the final moments of the special episode.

Showrunner Michael Gans and Richard Register previously told TVLine in an earlier interview that "Scream" Season 3 will provide answers to Brandon James' existence. Aside from this, the showrunners teased that Kieran may still be able to wreak some sort of trouble while he is in prison.

While all these sound like pretty interesting plots for "Scream" Season 3, the reboot will unfortunately no longer see the return of the original cast. Several fans also reacted to the reboot negatively, with others saying that the show would have been better off if they just canceled it for good.

Do you think MTV was right to do a reboot for "Scream" Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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